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Our corporate culture is based on principles of ethics and professionalism. The quality in the design and in manufacturing our products is a key assumption of our vision.

Our values permeate the entire life of the company: from daily repeated gestures to decisions that affect the life and future of SEAV.
The carefull choice of suppliers and raw materials is the foundamental step to ensure the quality of our products. The second is the production process
that takes place entirely in our factory, allowing us to have total control over the products and to be able to treat in detail every particulars. The third is represented by the tests. In the room specially dedicated, our specialized collaborators carry out rigorous tests on each product. All our production efforts are aimed to gain the trust of our customers, becoming a reliable and irreplaceable partner.
The attention to the changing needs of customers and markets are intercepted, understood and processed thanks to our sensitivity grown through long experience in home automation.
For this reason new products comply with requirements tailored to individual market or individual customer.
The careful and expert hands of our employees transform cold and raw material properties in electronics control units.
No conflict between Profitability vs. Responsibility, because our business vision is a vision of ethical responsibility.


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